It’s the stories

I had a delightful conversation with Jennie 8. Lee about two months ago that hasn’t really left my mind. In addition to being generous and kind with her advice, she’s the kind of person we love to work with at OwnLocal (there’s a reason she sits on our advisory board).

We spend a lot of time at OL talking about how we make newspapers money. We’re actually getting pretty good at this. But we often spend so much time on the revenue generation side that we can forget at times why we do what we do.

It’s the stories.

We’re not the ones telling them but our revenue generation products make them possible every day.

Jennie just has a way of making all of this crystal clear.

Because of so many conversations like this one, I have purpose, hope, and inspiration to redouble our efforts.

While we work hard all the time, sometimes the “why” of what we do just comes into focus.


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